Zach Bonvallat, BBA, Marketing Team Leader

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Zach Bonvallat has an extensive business, marketing, and SEO background that assists in his keen focus on user experience for our esteemed clients. He loves making the users experience as great as possible as this ultimately reflects upon how your company treats a potential client online. His daily tasks besides SEO work are supervising and making sure all of our tasks are cyclically complete. He is data-driven and likes looking at the statistics and working with databases. He also tests our SEO systems to make sure that they are up to par with current SEO standards and that they are affecting the client’s websites in a way that we expect. He has been a Google fanatic for many years now and supported them through their first phone (Google Pixel) even though it wasn’t as good as other phones statistically speaking. The benefit, however, was that it did have the Google Assistant installed. He uses Google daily in both regards to his personal and professional life.