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Why Organic Search Matters

4 Reasons Why Organic Search Matters

Getting traffic from paid advertising and social media, is a great thing. However, organic SEO efforts should not be neglected in the process.

We work in a different world today, a more diversified world. We’re using AdWords and Bing Ads. We build identities through social media and promote them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Websites no longer rely solely on Google Rankings. Thus, it’s easy to see why organic rankings may be perceived as less relevant to the user experience.

We can confidently assure you that the importance of maintaining high organic ranking still matters when considering your business’s credibility, and competitive edge. Here are four reasons why organic SEO matters, and will continue to matter.

  1. Organic Is Still Relevant
    Overwhelmingly, organic search trumps other traffic generators. Organic is clearly still best suited for the delivery of necessary website traffic. The only platform that performs better in some capacity is paid search advertising, but that is for conversions only, not overall traffic delivery. We also find that by combining channels, we can outperform either channel by itself. Thus, if you are neglecting your organic listings, your Paid listing could be affected as well.
  2. Investing In Organic Gives You A Competitive Edge
    If you want to be successful, SEO is non-negotiable. Chances are, competitors are investing time and energy into their sustainable traffic. They target high-value keywords. And they’re doing everything they can to dominate the rankings. On a fundamental level, this means that you can not ignore the benefits of SEO. If you have strong search results, it’s easier to dominate your market. Imagine that your content appears on the first page of results for the top keywords in your niche. That kind of advantage is paramount. Traffic and potential customers that would’ve otherwise gone to your competitor now are being directed to you. In addition, your competitors can’t recreate the unique content experience that you use to drive organic traffic.
  3. Bring In Regular, Engaged Visitors
    This is one of the most noticeable advantages of maintaining organic rankings. If your website is ranked for a keyword, you will enjoy regular, targeted traffic. This consistent flow of traffic will open up floodgates for new leads and customers. Here’s the point about an organic audience: you have the opportunity to create a rich content experience. Additional eyes on the website are fantastic, but if you can’t get them to connect, you not converting that traffic. When users invest in your content, they’ll keep coming back, and they’ll become the fuel for your sales.
  4. An Effective Method For Building Your Brand
    Your future clients use search engines to look for information on a regular basis. Google conducts 40,000 search requests of its own per second. When your website is constantly coming up as a solution, you ‘re going to be the preeminent brand in people’s eyes. This ensures that any piece of content that leads consume that created by you, is increasing your brand’s value. Not only that, but you’re also creating multiple touchpoints, so potential customers have every opportunity to discover your business.

We know that it takes a lot to stay on top of the different ways you can improve your website SEO efforts. That is why The AD Leaf ® Marketing LLC is here to help. Our team of SEO specialists will help you determine the best course of action for your SEO strategy. Call us today at (321) 255-0900 for more information!

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