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Why Is Social Media Important for Small Businesses?

In the past few years, B2B marketers were forced to change their strategy due to COVID-19 swiftly. To combat this, social media is the perfect solution to an un-wished change in networking, communication, and growth for many B2B companies. 

The top marketers of B2B companies are those who refocused stronger on their social media strategy. The best part of social media is creating a lasting connection with your audience, and social media has been a phenomenal way to grow your relationship with partners and potential prospects. 

B2B marketing is built upon human resources and relationships, even though the end goal is to sell products or services. Social media has been the key to unlocking and igniting these relationships without in-person events. In this graphic B2B, 64% of B2B marketers rate social media as the second-most important factor in their strategy. 

There are 5 things B2B marketers can do on social media: 

  • Build brand awareness
    • Tell your story across various platforms, share customer stories, and why you provide the services you offer. 
  • Generate leads 
    • Focus on your target audience by creating engaging and meaningful conversations.
  • Build a community
    • Listen to customers and what they have to say about your company.
  • Connect social media posts to opportunities
    • Drive social posts to your CRM to fully understand customers.
  • Measure marketing efforts
    • Research management and social media platforms to help you track key performance metrics (KPIs).

Social media allows B2B marketers to connect with their audience wherever they are: Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Youtube, Pinterest, or any other notable platforms. 

Why do you need engaging content?

Creating engaging content for your social media platforms is what ultimately matters here. If you want your audience to engage and connect with you on social media, you have to speak to them! 

Employee Advocacy

Some marketers are allowing their employees to speak about their company online for them as a unique approach. Employee advocacy is the best way to gain trust with your audience. When employees genuinely love and support the company they work for, they love to share that with their friends and family online.

 Word of mouth marketing is highly effective. When employees share their work experiences they are in turn more authentic. Their audience is more likely to trust them; they also will feel more inclined to comment and engage with the content knowing they are speaking directly with an employee of the company. Several studies show that people are three times more likely to trust a company’s employee than the company itself. 

Get Started with Your Social Media Strategy

People follow social media accounts to get deeper information about a particular company they are interested in. So now the question is: I know I need to be on social media, but how do I make an effective strategy? 

  1. Identify questions you commonly get asked by customers
  2. Research and choose a social media tool to make things easier for your team
  3. Hire or train a team to execute your social media strategy
  4. Identify your competitors and collaborate
  5. Create a content calendar to organize your ideas

After establishing a defined strategy, ask yourself a few questions to ensure your strategy is adequate or if you need to adjust it. What are your goals? How do you plan on measuring them? What social media platform are you going to prioritize? How/who is going to post and attribute to social media? 

The Future of 2021 in Digital Marketing

In conclusion, look ahead to the future of digital marketing, it’s never too late. Create, define, and implement your social media strategy and blossom beyond where you could ever imagine. Use employees to build advocacy and trust online for your company. Furthermore, social media can help you reach a wide variety of audiences quickly. Now is the time, so don’t miss out! Social media has never been more remarkable. Schedule a consultation today, or complete our contact form! 

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