Why Develop a Marketing Strategy Specifically for the Holidays?

Why develop a marketing strategy specifically for the holidays ensures that your marketing efforts produce beneficial results? A well-thought-out strategy will outline your business goals so that you can create ways to reinforce them. Creating this detailed action plan can be a powerful tool that drives sales and increases brand awareness.

As the holidays approach, developing a marketing strategy that reflects your business’s marketing goals for the upcoming season is crucial. This plan acts as a guide to keep your business on track. You will see more results as you develop a more detailed action plan.

The holidays are also perfect for building trust and credibility with your customers. A detailed plan that creates ease for customers to discover and purchase your product will help to develop a great relationship with them as they search for the perfect holiday gift.

How do I develop the correct marketing strategy for the Holidays?

Using the correct marketing strategies is a tremendous opportunity to increase sales, communicate with customers, and build and maintain a brand voice. After outlining your business goals for the holidays, you can begin to develop a strategy that is tailored to these objectives. Your strategy should be created with your specific goals in mind, but a few strategies can help any service or product sold during the holidays.

Helpful Holiday Strategies:

Enhancing the customer experience is an improvement area that will likely help all year round, especially during the holidays. It can be stressful as a customer to find and purchase the perfect gift. Popular items may sell out, or the item they want is impossible to find in the right color or size. By using a few tricks to enhance the customer experience, you can create ease to these issues that customers run into.

Optimizing your site for mobile phones is a great way to enhance the customer’s experience. By ensuring that site visitors can easily browse your products and make their purchases on their phones or tablets, you can rocket your e-commerce sales during the holiday season. Integrating a live chat will also create ease for the customer. During the holidays, customers will reach out frequently. They may want to learn more about your product or check if it will be delivered on time. Not only do they have questions more often, but they are expecting to receive a quick response. Integrating a live chat into your website can be a solution to this.

The holiday season is also a great time to make greater use of your social media. Developing a plan specific to your social media can increase your connection with your followers and make purchasing your product simple. During the holiday season, social media sites witness an enormous surge in conversation. Today, social media provides a platform to guide consumers from product discovery to final purchase. Creating eye-catching posts and exciting videos about each holiday can be helpful. You can attach your online store link to these posts so that customers can click and purchase their favorite products. Creating polls and running contests on Facebook or Instagram can also attract many participants and increase traffic to your website, resulting in even more sales!

Incorporating email marketing campaigns for the holidays is another helpful strategy to include. You can send announcement emails, exclusive sale offers, or last reminders through an email marketing campaign. Announcement emails can be sent ahead of time to existing subscribers. These emails may include holiday sales details or important dates to remind customers when the sale officially begins. Another way to capture your customer’s attention is to send a deal that is only available for email subscribers. Sending exclusive sale offers can be one of the most incredible holiday marketing ideas. Developing an email that offers an extra discount on products after customers spend a certain amount is an example of an exclusive sale offer that can drive a significant sales increase. Last reminders can also be included in your campaign to urge customers to shop quickly before the deals expire.

When should I start developing a marketing strategy specifically for the Holidays? 

Deciding when to begin your holiday marketing campaigns is an important detail to include when first developing your strategy. Starting too early may irritate customers, and starting too late may cause you to lose customers to your competitors. Deciding when to start a marketing strategy for the holidays depends primarily on your business, your customers, and your product or service.

The summer is a great time to start outlining your strategy and planning specific products or themes you may want to incorporate for the upcoming season. From August until October, you can start producing specific holiday posts, sneak peeks into upcoming products, and announcements of holiday sales. This will create excitement for the season and attract customers to follow your business closely as the holidays approach. During November and December, you can begin implementing the specific strategy you have developed to market your product for the holidays. If you have prepared your strategy in great detail and delivered it effectively, this is usually the time to sit back and track your success!

We can help!

The AD Leaf was created to work with you to develop these marketing strategies to create the best experience for your customer and increase sales for your business. The holidays can be busy, but with our professional help, we will ease your stress toward marketing so that you can focus on all other aspects of your business. We will be your trusted advisor if you have questions about driving success this holiday season. Call us today! (321) 255-0900.

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