What is Search Engine Optimization?

            Business websites can benefit from search engine optimization by receiving more organic traffic through organic search results. Business owners must pay attention to this as organic traffic is critical to ensuring they have loyal and returning customers. A wide variety of strategies can be employed in search engine optimization to reach specific audiences, increase the domain authority, and make the user experience as optimal as possible for viewers. Maintaining an updated website with fresh content is one of the most important SEO strategies. Search engines such as Google perform their site indexing by checking for relevant content to the keywords the page is targeting. As a result, the web page will not rank well because Google sees that the content is not relevant to the keyword. In addition, keywords are crucial because they allow people to find pages through search engines.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

            Search engine optimization is a vital part of marketing success. This is because without the use of proper SEO, your webpage will not show up on Google. Many people are unaware of SEO and what is being done behind the scenes to keep your webpages looking and performing its best. Not only does SEO help rank your website higher in search engines, but there are many other skills that go into SEO. While working on web pages, backlinking is being performed in order to give your webpage domain authority. Backlinks are important for SEO because they signal to Google that other resources find your content to be of enough value to link it to their own web page.

Meta and Title Tags

            Using title and meta tags for SEO is important because this helps search engines identify the content of the page as well as what the page is about based on its keyword phrases. As the user performs a Google search, this is the first time they will come across your website. Neither of these titles nor tags are meant to be long paragraphs. An ideal number of characters for a title tag is 60 and for a meta description is 155-160 characters. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with having a longer meta description, but it can be seen as a lost opportunity because Google will only show a certain number of characters in the meta description.

Webpage Upkeep

            Additionally, SEO focuses on the maintenance of the website. We ensure that the website runs smoothly, the load times are under 5 seconds, and the overall user experience is seamless. An image-heavy website can be one of the factors that slow down the speed of a webpage. Our goal is to reduce the size of these images so that the webpages will load more quickly and smoothly. We also examine whether the site is mobile-friendly. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone, so if a website is not mobile-friendly, users will click away the second they land on it. Maintaining this will make sure that traffic keeps coming to the website.

Why The AD Leaf?

            The AD Leaf’s SEO team will drive more traffic to your website. Plus, you will become part of our family. Each of us works very closely to make sure that your business is as successful as possible.  Also, we take great pride in bringing you that success! We pay attention to the little things and fix problems with your site before you even realize they exist. We recognize the importance of your business and strive to always be on top of our game. Choose The AD Leaf Marketing Firm as your SEO specialists.

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