What is Backlinking?

What Is Backlinking?

What is Backlinking?
What is Backlinking?

Chances are, if you’ve been talking about SEO, you’ve heard the term “backlinking” more than once. Backlinks can also be referred to as “inbound links,” “incoming links,” or “one-way links,” and they are links that go from one website page to a different website’s page. Search Engine sees a backlink and considers it a “vote” in favor of the web page. Pages with high backlinks tend to have higher organic search engine rankings.

Why Is Backlinking Important?

For every high-quality backlink, you have to point at your site that is essentially telling Google, “this website is trustworthy and has good content” the more of these high-quality links you have, the higher search engines will want you on their search results. 

While backlinking is not a new thing, it is still a vital part of SEO and a good way to improve your rankings. Google has confirmed that backlinks continue to be of the leading SEO components if you want to rank well!

Are All Backlinks The same?

No, they are not! 

A lot of backlinks can be detrimental to your SEO. To increase your search engine optimization, you need to focus on high-quality backlinks, but how do you dictate what high-quality websites? 

The first thing to look at is if the incoming link is from a trusted source; let’s be honest, we are sure you’d prefer to have a backlink from Yale instead of a random spam page. The concept itself of getting high-quality links is referred to as “Domain Authority” if you have a link coming from a website with high domain authority, google puts a massive emphasis on it because it is prioritized as a source of links.

What Is Anchor Text, and is it important?

An anchor text is the visible part of a text that is linked. But how do you use anchor text to your advantage? Well, a best practice for SEO is to have an anchor text that includes your target keyword. In fact, a study found a direct correlation between keyword-rich anchor text and higher search rankings. But you also have to be careful with your keyword-rich anchor text and try not to go overboard with it; Google has a filter in their algorithm that’s called “google penguin,” and what this update does is filter out a lot of backlink building strategies and has a focus on sites that build backlinks with an exact match anchor text. But a good habit of having when backlinking is ensuring that the website and page you are linking to your website and page are related to the content you have on your website. Google will heavily prioritize these websites because the links come from reliable sources and are within the same niche.

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