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What Are Featured Snippets & How Can It Help Me?

Featured Snippets are little snippets from a web page that relate to a user’s search result. The snippet answers whatever they were searching for, while also providing a link to the webpage relating to the snippet. This snippet is also called position 0. This is due to it appearing above the typical first search result. As such, it’s very good for your organic growth to have a featured snippet by giving it a boost.

What Can Be A Featured Snippet

There are many different types of featured snippets. These include definitions, unordered lists, ordered lists, & tables.

  1. Definition Snippet: This snippet is fairly self-explanatory. It provides a definition based on the search result. For example, if someone were to search “Is Pluto a planet?” they would find a featured snippet definition explaining that it is a dwarf planet. These definitions are taken directly from paragraph code or <p> within the given webpage.
  2. Unordered List Snippet: These lists show up as an unordered list. For example, if you search “list of sports” you will get a bulleted list of sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, etc. Obviously, the order of this list doesn’t matter, which is why the ranking of each item doesn’t matter. Google takes these lists directly from <ul> code or unordered lists within the page.
  3. Ordered List Snippet: The ordered list is a list where the ranking of each item does matter. These lists are typically step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task. This is most prevalent with cooking recipes! Google pulls these from <ol> or ordered list codes from the website.
  4. Table Snippet: Tables pull data from the page that have the <table> code within them related to the query. For example, if you search for a list of upcoming Marvel movies, you will get a featured snippet with a table featuring the movie title and when it is released in the United States & Australia!

How Can I Get Featured Snippets?

Sadly, there is no way to guarantee that your website will be a featured snippet. Google itself has a system that determines if the webpage is viable, and will elevate it if it fits the query. Generally, your best chances of being a featured snippet involve you already being within the top 10 search results. This means you will need to have solid SEO before even considering going for a featured snippet. That is where we come in.

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