The Importance of Transparent Client Relationships

Iceberg Analogy

We, as marketing professionals, are responsible for having the experience, knowledge, and tools to manage our client’s marketing platforms. While marketing professionals manage a company’s growth, outreach, and strategy, the client maintains the role of ultimate decision-maker. We can form a fantastic team because we balance each other out! It is as simple as that. Clients have organic information about their business that marketing professionals need to apply their knowledge to make their brand stand out online. This is why working with a transparent marketing agency is so important. Is the client-marketing agency relationship that simple?

How to Create a Balanced Client – TAL Relationship?

Open communication. We, as marketing professionals, can -and will- develop channels of communication between the clients and our team of specialists dedicated to making their business our own. From basic concepts of social media to marketing strategies, we would take the time to explain what we will do and how we will do it.

Based on my experience as a social media coordinator, I recommend taking 10 to 30 minutes to answer questions or concerns during meetings with the client. This process helps build trust and healthy business relationships that will allow us to move forward and generate a great online brand.

I’ve had a few clients that didn’t know much about social media. They wanted to be on Facebook and Instagram because they knew it was necessary and everyone was doing it, but they did not know why exactly. I took the time to explain to them that by having an online presence, their business can more effectively reach their customers and clients. They were happy to learn and ultimately understand the technicalities of digital marketing and have become one of my best clients! They give me all the resources I need to know more about their business, and they see the results! AKA: new customers are purchasing their products or services.

Iceberg Analogy

You can see a part of an iceberg, but what about under the water? Just look at the image in this blog entry and notice where the likes, fans, comments, and followers are in the top part of the iceberg. But what is underwater? SEO, content creation, graphic design, sharing, engaging, starting conversations, researching reputable sources, branding, fonts, colors scheme, targeting, ads, boosting, looking for the audience online, editing, use of hashtags, developing strategies, keeping up with platform updates, IOS changes, new trends, and tools, etc. Yes, the iceberg goes deep! 

Having clients does not mean posting some cool graphics and exciting content after signing a contract. Rather, having a client means dedicating time to building that relationship, like a partnership. That’sThat’s our approach at the AD Leaf. We cultivate our clients ‘ businesses as our own to help them succeed and grow. 

Our transparent marketing agency wants to form a relationship with you! If you’d like to get started on your marketing journey, call us at (321) 255-0900, email us at, or complete our contact form


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