Helpful Practices for Getting Started with Social Media in Business

Helpful Practices for Getting Started with Social Media in Business

Social Media can be tricky to start, especially when optimizing a new page, content, and engagement. Businesses can leave out minor details that matter the most, such as color schemes, fonts, styles, branding, etc. How you showcase your social media is as important as choosing your logo. Social media could be the first impression on your consumers’ for your business and/or products. These helpful, quick, and easy guidelines will help you expand your social media reach and create the ideal branding for your business.

Find your Look

Most consumers don’t consider all the elements that go into making content or ads; neuromarketing is everywhere and can influence your consumer decisions, regardless of whether you recognize it. Companies from Google to Cheetos utilize neuromarketing; we overlook the slight details companies have included to sway our behaviors a certain way. 

After selecting the appropriate platforms for your business, creating a theme and branding would be a great idea. Logos, fonts, and colors play a significant role in making your brand look uniform and consistent. Figuring out which colors, fonts, and templates to avoid is a great starting point to help narrow the image you want to create for your brand. When creating content, stick to the fonts and color schemes chosen, don’t change them, or it will appear chaotic and confusing for your consumers.

Optimizing your Platforms

After completing how you want your brand to look, optimizing your platforms with all of the necessary information for your consumers is crucial. Information such as your contact information includes all your socials platforms, website, hours, address, etc. Whenever you finish your branding, you want to upload it to your social media via your logo and/or cover photo. Optimizing your social platforms with all this information is essential for the consumer to have at their fingertips for convenience. 

Post Strategically

Helpful Practices for Getting Started with Social Media in BusinessThe final step in getting ready for social media is posting and scheduling content for your platforms to share. Content on social platforms is going to look slightly different from one another; for example, Facebook captions will contain links and more information than a regular post, whereas Instagram cannot have links in their captions, so the information is in a graphic or linked in the bio. Twitter captions should be short and sweet due to their character limitations, and Pinterest should have graphics with more information in them.

When you post throughout the week is vital. Posting new content three to four times a week to ensure frequent engagement. Sprout Social gives you the best times and days to post for specific platforms regarding your business industry. For example, “Retail: Wednesday (3 p.m.) and Friday (11 a.m. – 12 p.m.) Media and entertainment: Friday (9 a.m.) Technology: Wednesday (6 a.m. and 9 a.m.).”

From creating a page to posting graphics and captions, social media can still be tricky, even with these guidelines. Social media is a way to tell them about your business and why they should pick your business over someone else’s. Every detail contributes to your consumer saying, “I’ll take it!” 

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