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HydrogenShopify has launched a new React-based web development framework called Hydrogen. It’s open source and available now as a developer preview. Hydrogen is similar to Next.js, perhaps the most popular React framework, only it was built especially for the needs of e-commerce developers



Hydrogen | Shopify

Is Shopify Frontend or Backend?

Hydrogen is a front-end web development framework used for building Shopify custom storefronts. It includes the structure, components, and tooling you need to start so you can spend time styling and design features that make your brand unique.

Why use Shopify for Your Business Website?

  • Accelerated commerce development
  • Opinionated yet flexible
  • Optimized for performance
  • Streaming server-side rendering with Suspense and caching policies unlock fast first-renders and progressive hydration

Hydrogen | Shopify


Hydrogen’s architecture enables a mix of static and dynamic data fetching between client- and server-side for optimized performance. It’s built on top of newer web technology and takes a modern approach to web development to offer the following:

  • Built-in caching controls to handle dynamic content and minimize API calls for speed and performance.
  • Server-side rendering to optimize the initial load.
  • React Server Components, an opinionated data-fetching and rendering flow for React apps. React Server Components offer an improved development experience. Components render fast, allowing you to see your work instantly as you build it.

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