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How Can SMS Marketing Help Improve My Business?

People love getting deals. They love the feeling that getting a deal creates. We all know that rush of dopamine we get when we go to the grocery store, or buy some clothes in a sale, and see that amount saved on a receipt. No matter the deal, when you show someone they have an opportunity to save some money, they are going to jump on it.

How do these people find these deals? Typically through ads such as an email or a banner on a website, but what if there was a way to send them to it more directly. You have to check an email and to see a banner ad you have to be on the right website at the right time. Some places have a weekly ad so their users can check at the same time every week, but that still requires the user to seek out the ad themselves. What if there was a way to send an ad to them directly to something they are going to check?

Such as a text message. SMS marketing is on the rise and The AD Leaf ® is jumping at the opportunity to embrace it. Let’s face it, phones are here to stay and have become the item that we use more than anything else we possess. We are constantly looking at our phones and that also means we are constantly looking at our texts. There is an opportunity for marketing here.

Ways to Embrace SMS Marketing

If you are a business that has flash sales such as a restaurant or a department store then you need to reach your customer base quickly. You can plan ahead for these in emails, but there are some people that do not check their email frequently enough to take advantage of your flash sales. Text messages though you know for certain they are going to see.

People bring their phones everywhere and that means, whenever you choose to send out the word on your special deal, it is going to be more than likely seen. This is an opportunity to attract people that would otherwise miss a sale with the potential for a deal.

Let us use a restaurant for example. From 5-7 p.m. you will be doing a special where you can get two entrée sized meals for $30. If you send this out at the right time, you might be able to help a potential hungry customer decide where they want to eat dinner that night. They get the positive feeling of taking advantage of a special while you get a customer who otherwise might have not known about your deal.

You can even take this a step further and have customers sign up for your SMS marketing plan. If they bring in the text when you send out specials then they get an exclusive deal. You can then market to these customers in ways beyond your specials such as trying a new item. These work great for when you want to take regular customers and turn them into diehard customers.

Whether you are attempting to bring in new customers, or make repeats come in more often, there is always going to be an opportunity to enhance your business, and SMS marketing is another fantastic way to do that.

What The AD Leaf ® Can Do For You

We want everyone to have the opportunity to meet their goals in improving their business, but we also know that for businesses the idea of marketing can be complicated. Some businesses are just too busy to put the time and energy into marketing when they also must worry about their day to day operations.

This is where The AD Leaf ® can help you. Our marketing firm specializes in helping businesses get their marketing presence off the ground. This includes starting a successful text message campaign. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve and recognizing when change is occurring in the marketing world.

This includes SMS marketing. Text Message campaigns are on the rise as many businesses are seeking out ways to reach their client more directly. By sending them details of a special this way they can put it in their mind sooner and put it on a platform that we know they will be using at some point.

How does a SMS Marketing Campaign Work?

A text messaging campaign with The AD Leaf ® would involve a communicative process between us and you. We will work with you to find out what you want to showcase in your campaigns. There are multiple kinds of text message campaigns that you can choose to run and we can help you decide which kind of Text Message campaign is best for the service you offer.

Flash deals

Want to run flash specials? We can do that for you, pushing out the special in a text message to a list of customers encouraging them to take advantage of it before the designated time runs out. These are fantastic around the holidays for stores trying to encourage short term holiday deals or for restaurants that want to push a special such as Happy Hour.

Advertise a new product

If you have a new product, item on the menu, or are offering a new service then a great way to get the word out on it is through a text message. If you have a list of customers that have already opted in for text messages then these same customers are going to be the ones most interested in whatever it is you are trying to offer.

Ask for donations

If you are a non-profit, running a campaign for a political candidate, or are a local charity and you need to ask for donations a great way to reach your base is through a text message. You know it will be on their phone and their chances of seeing it on their phone are pretty high.

Everyone has phones now. They are on us at all times. There is no reason to not embrace this and try to market to that.

Did you know – 96 percent of Americans own a smartphone of some kind.

Many industries already take advantage of Text Message style marketing.


Brick and Mortar stores

Non-profit organizations

Political campaigns

You can be the next one.

Let The AD Leaf ® Help You

At The AD Leaf ®, we can help you take advantage of this rising market. Our expert team of marketers have spent years studying and understanding this always evolving landscape of marketing. There is no challenge that is too big for us. When a new trend presents itself we always make sure to fully understand it. We see how we can use it to best service our clients.

If you want to learn to better understand the growing world of Text Message style marketing then feel free to contact us. We would be pleased to set up a consultation. Our team can explain to you how this will help you improve your marketing campaigns. We also can show why we are the best ones to help you improve it.

Call us at 321-255-0900 or use our online contact page. Start your adventure with The AD Leaf ®.