Network Support

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If your company is considering expanding your network, or if you are experiencing problems with your existing network, The Ad Leaf’s network support service allows your business to properly take inventory and establish a baseline of current performance levels, whether it’s regarding remote monitoring, network management, troubleshooting and remediation of your LAN, WAN, routers, switches, firewalls, WAPs, or network connectivity. 

Technology should help meet specific business goals and provide value. Our network support service can ensure that the technology is meeting these goals, or provide a blueprint for improving the technology and a specific and measurable template for achieving business objectives.

Our network support service can address the key areas of:

Network Bandwidth Optimization: maintaining security and peak performance.

Patching & Anti-Virus/Malware Status: are the servers and PCs properly and timely patched? Is there a common Anti-Virus in place? Is it updating, scanning and quarantining as expected?

Data Backups & Business Continuity: is the business running back-ups? Can you restore a file, application or entire server quickly? Are back-ups being tested to ensure that they are viable? How do you replace a server and get your business back up and running if stolen, theft, fire, or other disasters?LAN/WAN Performance & Security: Are your WAN routers, LAN switches, and your Firewall all manufacturers supported, flashed to recent software levels, and configured to ensure good performance and high security?

Network Diagnostics: a Network Management System proactively detects and resolves issues, so you can carry on with business as usual. Network performance monitoring provides real-time statistics and visibility into every aspect of your network. 

Our seasoned IT staff will work with you to analyze your network needs, develop solutions, and implement a strategy based on your requirements and budget. Our goal is to be your trusted technology partner. We strive to do this by committing to superior service, leveraging new technologies, and developing strong relationships with our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our network support services.