Facebook Ads

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How Facebook Ads Impact a Company’s Sales

Facebook has grown as a platform in many ways, currently connecting people of all ages and backgrounds together. However, the social media platform had not only reformed the way we connect online, but also how we use social media as an online advertising platform as well. How did Facebook ads come to the popularity it has today though? And why is The AD Leaf ® so adamant on using it’s platform to create incredible growth for our clients through social media?

The Answer

Due to its success, Facebook today has now kept their platform consistent, with minor tweaks to its algorithm when needed. However, The AD Leaf ® stays true to its work with Facebook Ads. We understand how the benefits under Facebook Ads can assist our clients when it comes to social media marketing. Here are some ways that The AD Leaf ® ensures your ads get seen by the right people:

  • We promote your page with special offers
  • Boosting is essential because only 7% of the total page likes are seen organically when you post on your business page. 
  • We prioritize mobile first because a majority of ads are seen on a mobile device, your ad should in most cases be tailored towards mobile devices first. 

With well over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world.

What Makes a Facebook Ad Work?

Just like any other advertisement campaign, you want to make sure that your Facebooks Ads are unique. Creating specific or niche content drives the purpose of the Facebook Ad because it is something that your audience has never seen or heard of before. The attention span of an average user is diminishing so you want to capture their attention quickly and then point them in the right direction right after. You must have a specific purpose for your Facebook Ad, whether it is to promote a unique sale or spotlight a new item that you now have in stock. If you are unsure of where to take your Facebook Ad campaign, that’s where The AD Leaf ® can help you succeed!

The Facebook Ad Creation Process

Every commercial you see on television or hear on the radio has a lot of time, effort, and care put into it. The same thing goes for Facebook Ads. Here are the steps that we take to make sure that your Facebook Ad campaign is a success:

  • Selecting a clear objective
    • If you do not have a clear objective for your Facebook Ad campaign, then the campaign will be nowhere near as successful. If you are having trouble determining this objective, The AD Leaf ® can help guide you through it.
  • Finding an audience
    • Who do you want to advertise to? What age groups and other demographics do they belong in? The more we know about the audience that is most likely to engage with your business, the more effective the campaign will be.
  • Deciding which website fits best for your business
    • Many people forget that Facebook has a number of different website services, such as Instagram and Messenger. These sites also carry different audiences. We can help you determine which website will give you access to the audience that you want to reach out to. 
  • Picking the format that best suits your business
    • Facebook Ads come in six different formats, all created to make sure that they are able to be seen across platforms. The AD Leaf ® can help you determine which format will be the most enticing to your audience.
  • Tracking advertisement performance 
    • The Facebook Ads interface allows us to track the performance of your advertisements. We will update you regularly on just how successful your Facebook Ads are.

The AD Leaf ® Difference

When you consult The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm for your Facebook Ad needs, you will receive the best quality of work. We can help assist you in reaching your audience efficiently and effectively. We also keep track of the analytics of your Facebook Ad campaigns, so you can see in real-time just how effective our advertisements are. 

Are you ready to begin advertising your business with Facebook Ads? Give The AD Leaf ® Marketing Firm a call today at 321-255-0900 to schedule a free consultation today!