Disaster Recovery

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Imagine that your business experiences a sudden IT outage. Are you prepared for this unforeseen event? These types of unexpected interruptions can occur in the form of: human error, software & equipment failure, malware, fire, and natural disasters. 

Why Disaster Recovery Services Are Critical

For many companies, downtime means lost revenue. But the cost of downtime spans beyond monetary. Downtime can cost your business damage to its reputation and, as a result, loss of customers.The longer you are offline, the more damage your company can experience. Utilizing an IT disaster recovery service helps businesses to outline parameters for getting back online while reducing the overall impact of downtime. 

Our IT Disaster Recovery service ensures your business will be prepared and ready to operate in a sensible, strategic manner. Having a disaster recovery service in place, should the worse case scenario actually become a reality, is essential to business continuity. Though a DR plan helps companies stay organized amidst a recovery situation, it has numerous other benefits associated with cost reduction, data security, and time savings.

Depending on your business, disaster recovery could entail:

  • Backup & Replication: backing up and replicating your systems into an on-site appliance or cloud data center. 
  • Clarifying The Level of Urgency: for instance, Tier 1 could delineate the mission-critical apps your business can’t do without. Tier 2 could cover applications you need within up to 24 hours. Tier 3 applications can be comfortably recovered within a few days. 
  • Delineating Responsibilities: Clearly outlining stakeholder and employee responsibilities – laying out who is responsible for what – and identifying backup personnel. 
  • Defining RTOs & RPOs: Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), the amount of time a system can be down without causing too much damage, and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs), the amount of data that your company can afford to lose from your last known backup or snapshot without severe consequences. 
  • Testing: disaster recovery is substantiated through testing, which identifies deficiencies and provides opportunities to fix problems before a disaster occurs. Testing can offer proof that the plan is effective and hits RPOs and RTOs. 

It’s never pleasant to imagine the worst-case scenarios. However, prudent IT disaster recovery is a vital process that every company and organization should take to ensure continuity of computing operations in the event that disaster strikes.

The Ad Leaf’s backup and disaster recovery solutions go a long way toward mitigating the risks to your business by ensuring that your data will always continue to flow, no matter what the circumstances. Contact us today to learn more about our disaster recovery services.