On-Site Video Production

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Professional Videos of Your Products and Services in Action

Technology, communication advances, and audience expectations change quickly, so companies must be ready for anything. Many businesses are now using on-site video production services to either bring their company up to speed with the times or take their brand to the next level.

On-site video production is an interactive marketing service. Our professional videography team comes to you to capture motion pictures of your location, people, environment, buildings, products, or services in action. We can then edit this footage into videos that communicate company values and promote your brand.

Although this strategy seems simple, it’s essential to know that it doesn’t just come down to on-site video production services. For growing businesses, it’s not enough to have a video production company alone. The AD Leaf provides video services intermingled with marketing strategies to help you develop content that will communicate the essence of your brand or company.

Why On-Site Production Services?

On-site video production services promote customer experience and company culture or showcase products and services. You can even post these videos to your social media channels, where you’ll be increasing your team’s exposure to the industry while also growing awareness for your brand.

These videos can take various forms such as:

  • Dialogue videos – these can be professional discussions or simulated interactions promoting your products and services
  • Talking head videos – interview-style videos that can feature your founder, thought leader or subject matter expert addressing the audience directly 
  • Service-in-action videos – these can be shots of your day-to-day processes and interactions with your customers
  • Behind-the-scenes videos – videos of your team in action and how they drive success to your brand

According to Hubspot, 64% of businesses said that in the last 12 months, a video on Facebook resulted in a new client. No matter how you choose to utilize your videos, developing engaging content will increase your marketing reach while also educating viewers about the value of your services.

Why Choose The AD Leaf?

Our approach at The AD Leaf is to help you create brand awareness through engaging, first-class HD video content. When we film, we capture the essence of every important detail. We ensure your audience absorbs all the information they need to know about what your business can offer them. 

Our video marketing professionals are experts in telling your brand’s story. We can help your business stand out from the crowd and generate more leads with engaging visual imagery and motion graphics. With our on-site video production services, you’ll gain a great deal of credibility and show your customers that you mean business.

We know how important it is for your business to thrive against competitors in your industry. Learn how to captivate your audience with exciting new video strategies by giving us a call at (321) 255-0900. We’re excited to help you grow your business!