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How to Grow an Instagram Following That Converts

Your Instagram may be attracting followers, especially the right ones for your business, but what’s the point if they aren’t converting? Let’s discover the best types of content to create and attract an engaged and loyal following! By the end, you’ll know how to grow an Instagram following that converts. 

There isn’t a single method to grow your community on Instagram, but there are a few mistakes businesses make that hurt their chances fir success. Let’s explore the 3 common missteps to avoid.

Not Sharing Enough of Your Expertise

They say if you share your knowledge for free, then why would someone bother paying for it? This isn’t true. The more knowledge you give to your audience, the more likely they will convert to a customer. To them, you seem honest and trustworthy. 

Providing valuable insights will inspire confidence in your ability to answer any questions they have after purchasing your product or service. 

Find the Right Content Mix to Grow Your Instagram Following

When it comes to content on Instagram, the best mix includes a blend of every type. If you know one kind of content is your strongest, pay attention to that. There are 4 types of content options for Instagram. Reels, feed posts, videos, and stories. 

Instagram Reels

  • Reels are mostly short-form content; they are meant to engage consumers in 30 seconds or less. They allow a business to reach an enormous amount of potential consumers who don’t already follow your business.

Instagram Feed Posts

  • This type of content is a way to serve the community you already have. You’ll want to make this content shareable, in the sense that it’s valuable, and those who follow your account will want to share it on their own personal accounts. In turn, this brings new followers to your account.

Instagram Video

  • Instagram video is long-form content to build further trust with your current followers. These videos allow you to post longer-duration videos, in-depth training, or tips about your niche in that industry. 

Instagram Stories

  • Instagram stories are only shown to your followers, allowing you to be raw and unfiltered with your audience. This will allow your business to build trust with your audience further and create genuine leads. 

Create Content That Spurs Engagement

Putting out the right blend of content is a part of the Instagram marketing equation, but you want your content to spur engagement. 

A sign that your audience is resonating with your content is when they are engaging. This is great to continue developing that bond your business aims for. Engagement with your content sends a signal to Instagram that your content is valuable, which helps ensure that your future content will be shown even further past your followers. 

Know Your Target Audience

Creating content that gets engagement is all about knowing topics and questions your target audience wants to see and may have. Your audience will tell you what they want to learn and what is missing from posts by simply asking your business questions. 

Turn the answers to the questions into content, and it will more than likely have your audience engaged, sharing, and watching your content. 

Use a Strong Hook

The goal is to engage a consumer in the first 7 seconds or less. If consumers aren’t engaged within that time frame, they will continue to scroll. Be sure to use a strong hook at the beginning of any video, reel, story, or post. You’ll need to grab the audience’s attention first and fast. 

If you know you’re going to record a video or reel, it could be helpful to write out what you want to say ahead of time. Keep it as clean and concise as possible. When you ramble in a video, it makes people lose interest.  

When writing a caption for a post, the first few words are the most important in capturing the audience’s attention, even if your caption is more than one sentence long. As long as the first few words are enough to grab their attention, they will click that Read More button and not scroll right past your post. 

Convert Your Instagram Followers Into Customers

Businesses who sell on Instagram do well when they focus on the outcome their audience is after. Take a potential customer’s problem, and answer that with your product or service being the solution to that problem. Highlight the benefits of owning your product or emphasize the impact that your service would have on their life. 

People want to know more than just the list of features and prices of your product or service. They want to know and see their purchase’s from your business impact their lives. Instagram is where people go to see the world through someone else’s eye, making it the perfect place to highlight such an impact.

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