Different Kinds Of Content Marketing

Content Marketing is something that at first seems simple. You create content for marketing purposes so obviously it’s something only see in commercials, emails, and in those banners on websites. However, content marketing can exist well beyond those realms. There are multiple areas of content marketing that are going unexplored.

If you look hard you can see content marketing in so many different planes of the current world that it’s honestly staggering. So many ways to sell yourself, your business, and do so in a creative and interesting way. The days of just sticking a billboard on the interstate and hoping someone notices it are gone. This is a virtual age.

In this virtual age there are so many more opportunities for content marketing. Opportunities that not enough businesses are taking advantage of. If you can understand where these business opportunities are and where you can grow then there is no limit to your content marketing potential.


One of the quickest growing platforms, podcasts are becoming more popular every day with millions of listeners opting to listen to them while they exercise, drive, or perform chores over music. These podcasts can range from political, comical, or dive into a whole different realm like sports and video games. Podcasts are an untapped market for content marketing and one that a few smart businesses are beginning to take advantage of.

Content marketing in podcasts can exist in multiple planes. There’s the classic radio style ad that some companies choose to go with and on some podcasts it works. If the listening demographic of that podcast leans on the older side then they’ll be more willing to sit through a traditional radio style advertisement on their podcast than someone younger. A younger person is more likely to seek out the fast forward button.

Which is where a very podcast specific kind of content marketing comes in. Many companies have realized that younger listeners, especially younger ones, don’t want to listen to traditional commercials, but what they will listen to are the podcast hosts sell them a product. This is particularly useful when the podcast itself is very personality driven.

The best content marketing in podcasts usually gives the hosts a general script to follow. They can either read it the entire way through or they can ad-lib sections to help create more interest in their podcasts. These ads usually last 32-38 seconds long. Why the weird number? Because most podcast apps let you skip ahead 15-30 seconds at a time.

Good content marketing sees the untapped potential of podcasts and can create content for them. With over half of the United States listening to at least one podcast in the last year you can bet that they’re here to stay.


Who doesn’t take advantage of webpage based content marketing? You would be shocked. Having a well built website with plenty of content on it can change your website from an okay one to a brilliant one in the span of months. Too many places focus on their homepage, and while important, the web pages spread throughout your website can bring it just as much value. They can stand alone and bring in their own individual traffic. These individual numbers can help bring up the rest of the site as a whole. Not to mention good content on one page will help push someone to keep reading on other pages.

Strong webpage content marketing will tell users what they can and can’t get from a service. These webpages are designed to draw the consumer in and keep them there. Once they’re around the webpage then needs to sell them on the service that is being provided. Not enough webpages put value in this and instead opt for quick explanations that, while valuable in their own right, don’t get the job done.

If someone is looking at an individual web page and sees only a paragraph of information there’s a strong chance that paragraph is missing vital info that the user can use. Not to mention it doesn’t do well in the analytics of SEO. Content marketing is about creating great and valuable content while also appeasing to SEO analytics. It can be a tightrope walk, but the best content marketers can do it perfectly.

Social Media

Most businesses have a social media page, but the amount of effort that goes into them is nowhere near enough to meet their competitors. Content marketing in social media is a skill in itself that involves following trends, being smart about those trends, and knowing your audience. Sadly, many companies with a social media presence don’t understand how to do this.

Content marketing in social media is usually a shorter form of writing. If you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram you don’t want to read a post that’s 1000 words, because more often than not you’re on your phone. Even if you aren’t you probably aren’t looking for long form writing on those platforms. That’s why staying short, sweet, and to the point is important in social media content marketing.

Not to mention that content marketing on a social media platform is a dangerous game. Many social media posts want to go viral with funny jokes, memes, or videos, but one misstep and you’re going viral for all the wrong reasons. Posting something cute and adorable is fine, but make sure it always has good taste. Poor taste in a social media is the biggest and most easily avoidable mistake. If you have to think about it then it’s probably not worth doing.

Great content marketers understand all platforms. Even if they’re currently not working in one area they still understand this and do their best for the possibility of one day needing to work in that kind of content marketing field. Content marketing is a constantly changing world and you have to be ready to adapt with what the future holds. One day social media, webpages, and podcasts might be obsolete as something else takes their place. You always need to be ready for change.

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