Case Study - National Home School

The AD Leaf ® brought National Home School into the 21st century by:

  • Redesigned their 20-year-old website to showcase their business model across all mobile and tablet devices for the new site
  • We developed a fully customized student | parent |administrative back office enrollment, billing, and payment portal for parents to enroll their students and manage their accounts.
  • We created recurring payment methods to move all customers away from mailing bank drafts. The client no longer chases payments, increasing their sales, profit, and decreasing expenses
  • We have integrated merchant payment gateway’s with their website for ease of customer payments
  • We transitioned their old Microsoft framework to an up to date fully customized PHP enrollment portal framework.
  • Developed and Integrated Online Home Schooling Portal. They now have as many online students enrolled as the current number of traditional students enrolled.


Key Achievements

Sales have increased 130% with the Online Schooling Functionality as a result of adding this segment to their business model.

Staff payroll is saved by 15% and staff have been reallocated to procuring new client leads instead of chasing customers to pay their monthly tuition.

Gross Profit has increased by 33% as the online program is more profitable without the need to mail paper books, workbooks, study sheets, and other printed materials.


About National Home School

The business owners (baby boomers like many U.S. based business owners) poured countless hours each week into chasing customers for their mailed bank checks to pay for the home school tuition.  Often times the business mailed all of the quarters materials and would not receive their tuition payments from clients resulting in catastrophic sales and profit losses to the company, wasted payroll dollars chasing payments, and frustrated staff.

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