Case Study - Gloja Express

The AD Leaf ® has developed brand awareness and generated leads of African citizens seeking U.S. commerce for purchase and delivery to Africa through:
  • Developing strong image heavy social media marketing channels and powerful lead generation campaigns with Instagram. Posts produced 15-21 leads per post
  • We have increased website traffic year over year by 1200% through effective search engine optimization
  • We have written engaging, Call-to-action content and professionally advised the client with optimal website conversion strategies
  • We have branded their website across product specific social media channels. In 8 months we have grown their Instagram followers to almost 78,000 and counting
  • We are currently developing an international partnership e-commerce platform to support African citizens with purchasing US based goods and company partnerships.


Key Achievements

Brand awareness has been created with educating citizens around Gloja’s offerings in: Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Cote d’Ivoire, and Zambia.

Gloja has expanded to shipping luxury automobiles to Africa

Effective brand development, increased brand awareness, and customer service portal with over 78,000 daily social media followers across 4 image specific social media channels.


About Gloja Express

Gloja provides shipping and e-commerce purchasing services for citizens of Africa.  Many U.S. based companies will not accept online payment methods from citizens in Africa, nor will many company’s ship overseas to Africa.  The AD Leaf ® & Gloja together, developed Gloja’s brand, technology, and client leads with respects to bridging the Atlantic Ocean by bringing North America commerce together with Africa.

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