Case Study - Family Moving & Storage

The goal is to achieve over 120 bookings in a 30-day period.

  • We have revamped and improved their Google ads campaigns, improved CPC, conversions, and CTR for all their ads. We’ve established better converting web landing pages with more relevant CTA’s and USP’s and seen an influx of leads as a result.  We’ve also added Google guarantee as a service line and that has added 25% more leads.  The average PPC spend monthly is > $15,000.
  • We have moved the website hosting and revamped interior service page landing pages to support cost reductions. We considered elements customers find valuable including ease of contact, relevant calls to action, location specific landing pages and specific company branding with the “We treat you like family approach”.
  • The AD Leaf ® has added hundreds of locations pages dynamically to increase their Google and Bing Search Results in many location markets increasing their exposure and market share segment advancement in their category.
  • The AD Leaf ® has improved the organizations online reputation and brand identity through Google and Bing’s search engines, Google Guarantee, Facebook Ads, Email marketing.


Key Achievements

Social Media community growth has increased 6,000% in 6-months.

Website traffic has increased monthly to 80% growth M.O.M(Month Over Month).

Sales have increased 63% Year over Year 2019 vs. LY.


“I should have come to you a lot sooner” Frank Fatigati, Owner.


About Family Moving & Storage

Family Moving & Storage invested heavily in marketing but was utilizing an under performing agency to manage their marketing.  They came to The AD Leaf ® to maximize their lead generation and improve their marketing performance.  We talked to this client 4 times over 2 years before they said yes.

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