Be Concise! Less is More with Email Marketing

Be Concise! Less is More with Email Marketing

Email: The Fundamental Tool

Email is an underestimated marketing tool, and if properly utilized, it can be an asset to your business. Originating in the 70s, email has become one of the most fundamental tools for communication, and it’s safe to say that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Trends and social media fads fade, but email is not a fad; it is a crucial source of connection.

In marketing, emails give clients and consumers accessibility to time-sensitive information. Since email is a foundational communication tool, it has a wide reach, and therefore an email marketing practice is significant for your business to adopt. While new trends constantly emerge, email marketing must adapt to maintain relevance and modernity.

One emerging cultural trend that has been incorporated into email marketing is minimalism. Minimalism has impacted email marketing by transforming its content from long-winded, chunky blocks of text to concise and coherent messaging that the average consumer can easily digest. 

Another emerging trend in marketing is visuals and graphics. Especially since this is a time of scrolling. If the content isn’t gripping or eye-catching, then the average consumer will scroll past it. In fact, the average consumer’s attention span has decreased to an estimated 8.25 seconds. That is less than a goldfish’s 9 seconds! As marketing trends evolve towards shorter video clips, email must evolve in the same regard. The focus for email marketing should be on short and visually appealing content that will keep the consumer’s interest on the screen. 

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Why Less Really Is More

Easy to Read

Skimming has taken over the way media is consumed. Our eyes catch keywords and bolded text; then, our minds fill in the blanks. With so much media competing for attention, only the most interesting and clean email marketing content will win!

Format to Any Platform

Email marketers must also consider how consumers are accessing their emails. In addition to a desktop display, emails must also be phone and tablet friendly. One of the easiest mistakes is incorrectly formatting, and so the content will be lost of all meaning to consumers who are scrolling on their phones. You’re better off keeping email marketing content short and sweet, so it will remain readable on any platform, and your message will have an effect.

Consider the Consumer’s Time

Clients and consumers have strict time restraints. Their inboxes are bombarded with thousands of emails, mostly unread. Only the most important emails will be opened and properly regarded. Make it easy for your clients to sort through their inboxes. Spark their interest with an inviting subject line. Subjects that are dull or spam-like will be scrolled over. Additionally, when the consumer clicks on your email, the body should follow the intriguing subject line. 

Earn Your Audience’s Trust

Recipients on your email list will value your content more if you create concise content. This helps establish a reputation with your client base. They’ll begin to understand your brand and enjoy opening your creative emails tailored toward your clients’ needs. This will improve your open rates and translate into more conversions for your goods or services, which will promote better business for all.

Transform the Way You Reach Your Customers

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