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Blogging in 2023 - Yes You Still Need To!

Blogging in 2023

Blogging in 2023? Do you still need to be doing it? The answer is a resounding YES! Blogging in 2023 will remain an important part of content marketing and digital strategy. It’s still one of the most effective ways to reach customers, create relationships, boost SEO, and build your brand.

Blogging is not dead. It has evolved. It is true that the days of personal blogging are over. Blogs started around 10 years ago to sell opinions on a subject matter. This made many blog writers money and opened the floodgates for people to write on just about anything without a second thought on quality and a value-added approach.

Blog Relevancy in 2023

Most audiences engage with things they can personally relate to. A study found that 80% of all online traffic reads a blog at some point, and 68% of marketers find that blogging is more effective than it was 2 years ago.

The internet is still full of people looking for your unique solutions to their unique problems. That is the reciprocating cycle of value-added content. Today, the term blogging is being transformed into a more inclusive term, “content writing.” Here, blogs try to answer a question in a unique way, then drive that audience to the website where the writer engages with more relevant and to-the-point content that finally sells the solution to their problem.


What is Blogging Today?

Blogs are niched down and specialized information among a network of shared knowledge. An information-hungry world needs thought leaders who will create content with their own personal experience, creating a more personalized creative to capture the most relevant audience.

Blogging is about building relationships with people who have questions and need answers. The days of blogging to make money are over. Here are some things to consider when creating a blog today.

  • Ditch the sales pitch. You would not want someone to ask you to buy their coffee every day at 9 am.
  • Your content needs to be value-added. Don’t just talk about things for the sake of talking. Bring new ideas or viewpoints to the table.
  • Blogs need to give advice. Adding value includes giving direction to an identified problem. Maybe it’s not important to be selling but to be an authority on a pain point so that your audience can build trust with you. It’s trust that can lead to a sale later on.
  • Answering questions is key. Showing that you are informed on your subject matter makes you trustworthy. People would rather buy from those who not only have the answers but also are experts in their field.


Social Media Is Replacing Blogs – Myth

The only thing social media has going for it is that it is easy to fire off a short post in minutes and share it. Here are three problems with social media:

  1. Social Media has restrictions
  2. Account Being Disabled
  3. Social Media Platforms come and go

Social media is not a sustainable channel for a business. It is just a flashy distraction to your main home, your website. If you are relying on social media alone, you are at risk of losing an audience in a heartbeat. What is to stop Facebook from banning you for an obscure policy violation? What if a brigade of users flood negative comments on your profile? With blogs, you have full control, flexibility, and freedom. 

Blogs provide a more personal connection between the author and the reader. The audience can relate and engage with the author by liking the content, sharing, and commenting. Blogs allow writers to build a following and establish themselves as thought leaders and experts in the niche they represent. 

Should I Still Blog in 2023?

Blogging in 2023 with a strategy will be the standard. Personal blogs and writing based on opinions are no longer going to work, so it is important to write consistently. Write based on a well-thought-out structure, such as using the proper headers, keeping paragraphs short, and using pictures. 

Today’s content writers should have no fear as long as they can follow the above guidelines and keep their content fresh and relevant. 

If you are running a small business and simply do not have the time to stay up to date with your website’s content or to write about new and exciting topics, let our amazing content writers at The AD Leaf get your brand back on track and visible to everyone who meets a need and fills a void. 


SEO – Let’s Not Set it And Forget It!

Have you ever wondered why your website used to rank number 1 organically, then months later, your site tanks in its place below the top? HINT: SEO: let’s not set it and forget it! Maybe you are guilty of website neglect. Everything you do on a website is not static or set in stone. Many dynamic factors will determine how well your site will rank right now and in the future. How your search engine optimization will perform a year from now will be determined by the industry, Google, and the latest trends. If you thought you could set up your website and forget it thinking the money will continue to roll in, read below why your SEO strategy will fail.

Link Erosion for SEO – Let’s Not Set it And Forget It!

Over time websites deteriorate just like your home or car. The website you might be linking to today might not be around a few years from now. This can be due to a whole host of reasons. One of the most common causes of a dead link is that the website’s domain subscription might have expired. For example, if my website links to an article about dog teeth cleaning on and the owner of that website stop paying for their domain name, my link will turn dead.

SEO maintenance is key to ensure these links stay up to date, so we are not leading our audience to dead ends and a bad user experience.

Keywords Are Not Set In Stone

The keywords you choose today might be irrelevant tomorrow. Not to mention, today’s keywords might degrade their impression share as the keyword is being searched for more often. The competition for popular keywords can be fierce. So it is important to update your content to suit a long-tailed keyword instead. A long-tail keyword for SEO is simply a keyword with a narrow search focus, such as a location or product specification.

SEO Keyword Optimization – Let’s Not Set it And Forget It!

Keywords work by an inbound methodology. We should not create content around what we want to tell people; rather, we should be creating content around what people want to search for. This means the audience is inbound seeking, so keywords used that people are not searching for are useless. Proper keyword research can provide you with insights into current marketing trends. A great way to ensure your content is what people are searching for is to use an online keyword research tool such as ahrefs. Understand that there’s no such thing as the “best” keyword, just those that have a high search volume by your audience. 

The Dynamic Nature of SEO Keywords and Why SEO It’s Not Set It and Forget It!

You could rank high with the keyword “cat groomers” today and rank worse a year later. You could use the keyword “cat groomers in Santa Monica, CA” to address this. This keyword targets a specific location making the search term less competitive with a more regionally searched term. Beware of keywords that are seasonal or involve current events. These keywords might rank well now, but once the season changes, the keywords are less often searched. The same thing applies to current news events. People perform what is known as “surge” searching during a national event. It just takes days for the search volume to diminish into the ether.

Google – That Pesky Update

Google changes its privacy policy, terms of service, and the “algorithm” as often as you clean your house. It’s time you clean house after a major Google update to ensure your SEO strategy is up to date with its search engine requirements and features. Not doing so will result in your website being unable to rank higher than your competition.

 A strategy most often overlooked and one of the easiest to implement is to go back and assess their content and add additional details, longer copy, better images, keyword density, and remove any violating content that the new update might now be flagging as red.

Industry Changes

According to Forbes, 93% of online purchasing experiences last year began with a search engine query. Covid-19 played a vital role in this change in consumer behavior. Automation and the explosion of online shopping post-covid have affected search engine optimization efforts.


Search engine optimization is an effective skill but needs nurturing and care to achieve a long-term results-driven goal. Make sure to re-evaluate your keywords every few months, but no earlier to give the search engines time to evaluate and index your website. Google is ever-evolving, so you must update site content and keep up with the latest search trends and competitor research.

SEO with The AD Leaf

Are you struggling with getting your page ranking on Google? You don’t have time to properly do SEO on your website? Here at The AD Leaf Marketing Firm, we have a team of experts here ready to assist you with Search Engine Optimization tailored for your business. You can call us at 321-255-0900 or fill out our contact form!


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