5 Stats You Need to Know About Social Media in 2021

5 Stats You Need to Know About Social Media in 2021

We’re a few months into this new year and if you’ve been paying attention to social media, you know that the most important thing in managing a campaign is strategy. In order to develop a strong and cohesive social media strategy, you need to know the social media stats data you’re dealing with! We’re going to give you a high-level overview of some of the biggest statistics you need to know as you craft your social media strategy.

1. Facebook Has 2.7 Billion Monthly Active Users

This is an increase of 12% from 2019. You might be thinking to yourself that your audience isn’t on Facebook but the reality is, no other social media platforms offer that kind of reach! Even if your audience is using other social media platforms, chances are they’re using Facebook too and you want to ensure you’re covering all of your bases.

2. 81% Of People Use Instagram to Research Products & Services

With an increase in products and services being offered virtually, people are turning to social media to verify a company’s validity and reputation. If someone is unable to find you or your brand on Instagram, they’ll likely move on to their next option because in their eyes, no Instagram profile means you’re not a legitimate company and they won’t feel comfortable reaching out to you. Even if you have a website and tons of reviews, most people are aware that can be faked sometimes. Social media is where potential clients and companies go to see authentic content from companies, which in turn, makes them feel more secure in their purchasing decision process.

3. Ad Exposure on LinkedIn Can Increase Purchase Intent by 33%

You might think LinkedIn is just for recruiting, but LinkedIn is full of high-level executives who are responsible for a majority of their company’s purchasing decisions. In fact, 4 out of every 5 LinkedIn users drive business decisions. If your target audience is primarily B2B (business to business), you need to have a strong social media plan with proven social media stats centered around LinkedIn.

4. Twitter Has an Advertising Audience of 353 Million People

This is up 8% over last year, with an increase of 27 million users. Twitter is predicted to continue growing throughout 2021 as well. As we exist in an ever-changing society, the need for in-the-moment news and updates is stronger than ever. As with every other social media platform, users are looking to see evidence that you are up-to-date regarding what’s going on in the world around you. The one benefit Twitter has over other social media channels is that you’re more likely to see text-only content versus images and videos. You should take this social media stats tool into consideration when developing your social media strategy for Twitter.

5. The Average Price for a Facebook Ad Actually Decreased by 9% In 2020

If you’ve ever tried your hand at running Facebook ads, this statistic might shock you. As Facebook algorithm continues to improve ad campaigns overall, the cost for advertising has slightly decreased. If you haven’t considered a paid ads campaign on Facebook, now is the time as you’ll be getting your best bang for buck. In reality, there are 1.7 billion Facebook Pages and on average, Facebook Pages publish content 1.5 times per day so it’s possible your organic content is getting lost in a sea of 2.5+ billion Facebook posts per day. Paid Facebook campaigns allow you to hyper target your audience and ensure your product or service is getting in front of the right people.

As restrictions begin to lift and the world becomes more active, the need for a strong social media campaign will become increasingly important. People are looking for new experiences, products, and services as we “re-enter” society. With an increase in activity, you’re likely to see a natural increase in your operations as well and may not have time to craft the perfect social media campaign. That’s where we come in! Let us take the weight off of your back and craft a campaign with your goals in mind. For more information on how we can help you take your business to the next level, email us at info@theadleaf.com or call us at 321-255-0900.

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