3 Quick Tips to Mastering PPC Marketing

PPC mastery takes a number of years and countless mistakes along the way. From learning all of the technical terms to managing the interface itself, it takes a lot of time and dedication to reach mastery level. This article is designed to give you quick info blast on PPC mastery, and give you the few key things you need to focus on when it comes to running your campaigns.


Quick Tip #1: Run Mobile Campaigns

According to a 2015 study, more searches were conducted on mobile devices (phones and tablets alike) than from desktop computers.

It makes sense the more you think about it. Nowadays people are glued to their smart devices. No matter if they’re on a train, at work, or even at dinner with friends and family; people can’t seem to put these devices down. People feel as though their phone is an extension of themselves and their personality.

Digital advertisers can make great use of this situation, and run highly targeted ads to the most amount of people.

Be sure to test which platforms work best for your business or clients and really dive deep into what makes those platforms so attractive to the end users.


Quick Tip #2: Retargeting/Remarketing

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a clever way of advertising to those who visited your website but didn’t perform your desired action once they got there.

Essentially, it allows you to position very targeted ads in front of a highly relevant audience.

Why is this important?

The users clicked on your ad for a reason, in one way or another your ad interested them enough to click on it

Since you know the user has interest in your site you can bring them back for a much cheaper cost-per-click


Quick Tip #3: Use Ad Extensions for AdWords Campaigns

This quick tip is Google AdWords specific and is a very important piece of your ad puzzle.

Ad extensions give you more virtual real estate by making your ad the biggest and baddest one on the search engine results page

What are ad extensions?

Ad extensions are additional pieces of information about your product, or service.

Ad extensions can send users to another part of your website, increase the visibility of your ad, increase the quality of your ads score.

Here are a few ways you can use ad extensions:

  • Location (Great for local businesses)
  • Sitelinks (Take users to different pages on your site)
  • Call Extension (add your phone number)
  • Seller ratings (showcase your high rating)

By including ad extensions, your ads will gain a lot of traction and bring your more business.



Those are my 3 quick tips that you can implement immediately, and see the fruits of your labor in a short time frame.

Be sure to test the following tips above, and keep track to see how they impact your campaigns.

Best of luck to you on your journey to PPC mastery!

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